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Colombo Marathon History

Marathon running has gathered momentum all over the world as an event that not only provides a opportunity   for athletes form all parts of the world to compete with each other on a land course but also to develop friendly relationships by taking it as a recreational activity for non professional runners.

Over the years marathons in many countries such as New York, London, Hawai, Honolulu, Singapore, Bangkok etc have progressed in unimaginable volumes attracting large number of enthusiasts.

In 1998 in order to fill a vacuum in the absence of such an event in Sri Lanka,Lanka Sportreizen being the pioneer in organizing international sports events in the island, launched the idea of conducting the first ever LSR International Marathon in the historic City of Galle – a World Heritage Site.

Upon successful completion of the event for five year's, it was decided to change and retain the name as the Colombo Marathon in 2006. (in 2000, 2005 & 2009 the event was not held due to unavoidable circumstances)